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Exciting Casino Card Game Double Attack Blackjack

The name definitely makes this variation of the classic blackjack sound all kinds of action intensive, and while there isn’t much in the way of mind blowing adventure with this one, it is good fun and with a while heap of betting possibilities.

Double Attack Blackjack is actually based more on the game of Spanish 21 and in so doing uses a set of Spanish decks to set the table. There are a variety of bets available to the players in this card game, with the ability to bet more on the outcome of the dealer than in the classic blackjack, to name but a few of the avenues. But like any great card game, the best and fastest way to learn is through playing, and even from the get go players will be in the action and getting the hang of it.

Betting Possibilities and Double Attack Blackjack Rules

Like any well rounded casino game that’s individual features are enough to inspire tonnes of variation, blackjack in most its forms holds a solid underlying gameplay. This variation of the game still follows the general principles of the classic, with the players racing the dealer to 21, or blackjack.

Double Attack Blackjack is played with 8 Spanish decks consisting of 48 cards, which is the usual French deck less the 4 tens. Without any tens, the race to 21 is quite a bit harder, despite the fact that the Jack, Queen and King all count as 10 points in game. Otherwise players can hit, stand, double or split, as well as play the bust it and insurance bets on the dealer.

Players open the betting before any cards are dealt, in order to be in the game. The first card revealed is the upturned card of the dealer’s. Based on this card players can then incorporate the bust it bet of this Double Attack Blackjack card game to bet on how the dealer will go bust. The pay out from this is based on the 3rd card given to the dealer and grow to some rather ridiculous odds. Especially if the dealer should hit 3 eights of the same colour or suit, if it’s the latter the pay out comes at 200 to 1. This makes for a fun side bet alongside the insurance bet which is based on the dealer’s chance of hitting blackjack and pays 2 to 1. Players can then spend as much time betting on their own cards as well as dealer’s and therefore really juggle around the odds and house advantage.

Relationships with the Classic form of Blackjack

So with a variation like this one it is always comforting to know how similar it is to the classic version that players are undoubtedly more familiar with. Both the classic and Double Attack Blackjack have the options to split, allowing for bets and hits to be made on two independent hands. This can even be split a further 2 times should these splits acquire doubles.

An Ace split however only allows for a single card on each hand to be added. Overall however the games are quite similar, with enough of a variation in this version to inspire players to give it a try, and enough similarity to still be called blackjack.

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