Common Sportsbetting Strategies and Systems

If you want to make a lucrative side hustle of sports betting, it’s best not to jump into it blindly. As long as you have a casino online singapore sportsbook that you trust and are registered to, you’re already halfway to success.


In this article, we’ll be going over the most common betting strategies and systems that players use.

Betting Strategies

Betting strategies often deal with the method upon which you’ll be placing your bets. It can either be through statistics, research, or observation of matches.

Betting the Middle


Betting the middle means taking both sides of a bet. You want to do this so you can make the most out of the point spread in the middle.


First, you want to find two or more point spreads for the same game. You can do this by betting on a spread and watching to see if it changes as the match date gets closer.

Betting Against the Public


Statistically speaking when a large majority of bettors are putting their money on the same side of a bet, you’re much better off betting against them.


Going against the crowd is not about avoiding peer pressure. Sports gamblers don’t often do research before putting their money down on a match. They’ll most likely bet on their favorites or on the ones that the media is hyping up.


In the NFL, when 70% or more of the public bets on one team to win, 55% of the time they’re wrong.



Zig-Zag Betting Theory


This strategy works best when betting on NFL and NHS playoffs. This is because teams play 7 game series and fly back and forth between home and away games. Why does that matter?


You’ll be working off the assumption that if the favorite team loses their first game of the series at home, they have a 70% chance of winning their second at-home game.

Common Systems

The following systems are ordered from most conservative to the riskiest and most aggressive. They will also be bets that are the closest to even money as is possible.


Even money is when a bet has a roughly 50% chance of winning and pays out 1  to 1 on your wager. You could also choose money lines where the odds are close to -1/1 for both teams.

Fixed-State System


This system is especially great for beginners as it requires less money.


The idea is to bet the same amount every time, regardless of what bet you’re making. Your bankroll will last longer, and as a beginner, you’ll be allowed to make more mistakes.


Choosing your bet size will depend on the size of your bankroll, but conservatively you could bet 2%.

Martingale System


This system isn’t recommended for beginners, as it requires more risk, and the chance of emptying your bankroll increases.


Here, every time you place a wager and lose, you double the amount. You continue to double the amount until you win (or until you empty your bankroll). There’s less room for failure, as you could easily lose everything before getting a win.









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